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Read and then use your imagination and talents to win cash and prizes for you and your school, library or program by entering this exciting contest!

what is it?

In honor of YALSA’s Teen Read Week™ author Donna Labermeier is sponsoring a contest for 6th – 12th graders to win big bucks! The contest has something for every talent and interest – whether you like acting, writing, public speaking, art, film‐making, music and more.

You can enter under one of these two categories:

• 6th - 8th Graders
• 9th - 12th Graders


6th through 8th Grade Category

FIRST PLACE:       $5,000 ($2,500 for you + $2,500 for your school, library or program)

SECOND PLACE: $3,000 ($1,500 for you + $1,500 for your school, library or program)

THIRD PLACE:     $1,000 ($500 for you + $500 for your school, library or program)

9th through 12th Grade Category

FIRST PLACE:       $5,000 ($2,500 for you + $2,500 for your school, library or program)

SECOND PLACE: $3,000 ($1,500 for you + $1,500 for your school, library or program)

THIRD PLACE:     $1,000 ($500 for you + $500 for your school, library or program)

Bonus Prizes

If you don’t win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, don’t worry! You can win bonus prizes for other categories, like "Most Facebook likes," "Most Twitter Retweets," "Most Instagram Likes," "Funniest," "Most Creative Submission," "Most Talented Performers," "Most YouTube Views," etc. (For more details scroll down)


We received SO MANY EXCELLENT Contest submissions that it was difficult to choose between them!
Our thanks to ALL for sharing your enthusiasm and talents with us!

Our author, Donna Labermeier, is so excited to have such amazing readers that she’s gifting ALL who sent in a contest submission with the second book in The Healers Trilogy, "Waters of Life"! If you've moved since entering the contest, please complete the contact form below with your new address so we can send you the new book.

If your name isn't on the list as a Finalist, don’t worry – you may still be a prize-winner: Check back here and on Facebook for the BONUS PRIZE announcements.

Alex Pouliot (14), Rhode Island Michelle Morguarge (14), Georgia
Ciara Smith (17), Minnesota Natalie Grober (14), Ohio
Ellen Nelson (16), Oregon Natasha Wujek (16), Indiana
Grace Nehls (15), Ohio Ndaya Hoskins (11), Ohio
Jamison Gross (13), South Dakota Nicole Pinera (13), Delaware
Joshua Evans (16), Oregon Regan Berg (12), Michigan
Kaila Watson (17), Michigan Samantha Hestad (16), Missouri
Mackenzie Reed (19), Delaware Sophie Caplan (13), Connecticut
Marie Domogalik (14), Indiana Zachary Cushman (14), Michigan
Maura O'Dea (13), Ohio

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Click here to watch the book trailer for Donna Labermeier’s novel, "The Healers" – it’s the first book in The Healers Trilogy series.

They live in separate countries and don't know each other, but three teenage heroes share an astounding destiny: they were born to heal the world...They are “The Healers”.

With the guidance of an old master named Agostino, the three teenagers embark on separate missions around the globe to vanquish the planet's darkest forces. Koemi saves people from self‐destruction. Harata thwarts would‐be terrorists. Eleanor helps others grow their natural psychic abilities. Individually, The Healers are powerful agents of good. Working together as a group, who knows what unimaginable energy might be unleashed?!

The question is, what drives the villainous Venceslao, who is on a mission to capture the three Healers and others like them, then harness their talents for his own malevolent purposes? It will be up to The Healers to find a way to stop this deadly adversary in time to save all of humankind from utter annihilation.



Donna has always been interested in metaphysics, philosophy and spiritual development, recognizing life's larger purpose and the necessity for growth and transformation.

While on an educational and spiritual retreat in Arizona, Donna was introduced to the concept of "energy healing" - the belief that a healing energy exists within the human body and mind - which left Donna much to contemplate about our physical existence on this planet. It was the beginning of a journey that would change her life forever...

Months later, Donna became ill and was desperate to get well. As she drifted off to sleep one night, she remembered her experience in Arizona, and knew there must be a way for her to heal herself. In that exact moment, her mind flooded with the vivid descriptions of each of her seven amazing characters. The Healers would be young teachers of mankind, born to spread a message of hope, love, and healing to humanity. The next morning, Donna felt deeply compelled to begin writing their story. Each day that followed, she moved closer and closer toward perfect health.

In Donna's own words, she says, "I sincerely hope that my readers will come away from these books with the realization that they have more power than they ever dreamed possible. The infinite power of the Universe lies inside each and every one of us. We live on a vibrational planet, and all that exists is simply made of energy. We have the ability to shape our own realities through the focus of our thoughts, and if we hold our thoughts on the positive and the good, our lives will mirror that back to us. Our Universe is loving, caring, supportive, and abundant; and I passionately believe that every person on Earth has the inner strength to better his or her own life – to release all fear, worry, anxiety, distress, and disease...It is a gift we ALL possess."