Donna Labermeier - author, philanthropist, self-help guru and influencer of positive change in the world - is a student of spiritual development and energy healing, who believes that “every person on Earth is gifted with the inner strength to better his or her own life; to release all fear, worry, anxiety, distress, and disease” and to change the world.

Donna’s philosophy is reflected in her writings – The Healers Trilogy novels and in her self-help blogs that regularly appear on the prestigious Huffington Post. Donna’s aim is to spread a positive message of hope, love and healing through her writings and philanthropy. Donna’s philanthropic endeavors are a manifestation of her beliefs, encouraging self-empowerment and an altruistic world-view.

“I sincerely hope that my readers will … realize that they have more power than they ever dreamed possible. The infinite power of the Universe lies inside each and every one of us. We live on a vibrational planet, and all that exists is simply made of energy. Our Universe is loving, caring, supportive, and abundant; and I passionately believe that we have the ability to shape our own realities through the focus of our thoughts, and if we hold our thoughts on the positive and the good, our lives will mirror that back to us.” - Donna Labermeier